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About Advanced Calibration Designs

Advanced Calibration Designs (ACD) was founded in 1988 with the mission to develop and manufacture the most dependable, accurate, reliable, and affordable gas calibration standards in the world.  ACD's Calibration Gas Instruments are the best solution to your calibration gas needs.

The Singular Solution

The unique approach to generating certified calibration gases on demand means that ACD can provide solutions to some of your gas sensor calibration needs that simply cannot be achieved through other methods.

The Confident Solution

When it's time to calibrate, make sure you're ready, make sure you're safe and make sure you're accurate!

The Green Solution

If your company is devoted to the most efficient and effective use of resources in providing a reliable high-quality product, why would you consider shipping and storing perhaps hundreds of compressed hazardous gas cylinders annually, only to have them wind up in a landfill?

  • Efficient, effective use of resources with less waste and burden on landfills

  • Safer for instrument technicians and other employees

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